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Eyelash Extensions, Lash Lifts and you

Beauty treatments and in particular Eyelash Extensions is becoming more and more of a popular industry for individuals looking to enhance their natural eyelashes. In the UK there are now over 10,000 lash extensions salons and mobile beauty technicians. On our directory you will find the best Lash technicians from every city such as London, Manchester and Glasgow as well as every major town. Whenever you try to book you may find your chosen salon or technician is likely to be extremely busy. But with our extensive list of Lash Salons and Lash Artists in the UK you’ll be certain to find a business that can book you in for a treatment within your desired timeframe. Why not treat yourself and get the economy back up and running!  Since COVID -19 The government have finally given the okay for salons and beauty therapists to start giving facial treatments again, but there are a few guidelines that beauty professionals and their clients need to follow to keep everyone safe. A number of health and safety measures have been put into place across the beauty industry in an attempt to avoid any Covid-19 mishaps.  What to expect When you step into a salon for the first time since lockdown, you’ll immediately notice that every member of staff is wearing PPE – personal protective equipment. Try not to feel put off by these masks, gloves, and face shields.  Staff will constantly be cleaning surfaces and equipment, too. Don’t be offended if a member of staff asks you to wait a moment while they clean up from the last client before starting your appointment. They’ll be cleaning up after you leave, as well. High cleaning standards are now a part of their routine.  Some salons are asking their clients to complete allergy tests two days before their eyelash extension appointments. This is because individuals who have had Covid-19, whether they knew they had it or not, can become much more sensitive to products and treatments.  Keeping your extensions in top condition Lash extensions are fairly low maintenance compared to a lot of other beauty treatments. But here’s a few dos and don’ts to keep yours in the best condition possible until your next appointment:  Do:  Comb out your lashes once a day with the provided brush.  Clean your lashes with eyelash cleaner made specifically for extensions.  Get your extensions refreshes every couple of weeks. Give your natural lashes a break every now and then.   Wear sunglasses on sunny days to protect your extensions and the glue holding them in place.  Don’t:  Get them wet for the next 24 hours.  Use any oil-based products near your lashes.  Wear eye makeup to your appointment. Go to the first salon you find. Spend too much time in the sun. Alternatives to Eyelash Extensions Not sure you’re ready for the commitment to long-term lash extensions? You don’t need to be! If you prefer, you could just have a few lash fills put in where your natural lashes are thinner, or get a set of extensions and see how you feel about them. There’s no need to keep going back to your salon if you don’t want them anymore – they’ll fall out as naturally as your own lashes.

Why a lash lift is perfect for you

A lash lift, also known as an Eyelash Perm is a great solution for any individual out there who feels like their lashes are too short or look too flat. Lash lifts often make promises of natural-looking lashes that seem thicker, with no need for lash extensions. So, how does it all work, and is a lash lift right for you? First of all you will need to find a salon or mobile technician that specialises in Lash Lift treatments, there are plenty of these scattered around major cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds as well as all other major towns across the UK. Your lash lift appointment  Here’s what you can expect during your appointment:  If you haven’t removed your eye makeup, your beauty therapist will happily do it for you. Once your eye area is clear of any products, they’ll discuss the different lash lift options that are available. The most common ones are a curved look (usually called a C curl), and a natural look (the J curl).  It’s up to you to choose one, but if you’ve never had a lash lift before, many lash lift newbies tend to go for the J curl. This choice will ensure you get a natural look that won’t be too much for your first time getting a lift.  Now it’s time for the treatment. A piece of flat rubber will be applied over the top of your upper lash line, with a cotton pad below your lashes to catch any product. A serum will be painted over your lashes to soften them up and help them take the shape of the rubber’s curve. Your lashes will be individually gathered with a tool, a lotion will be applied, and the next 15ish minutes is where the magic happens.  Once your time is up, your beauty therapist will wipe off the lotion, remove the rubber, and your eye area will be cleaned. Common reasons to have a lash lift
  1. Reducing your beauty routine time. A lash lift can completely negate the need for lash curlers and mascara. 
  2. No more running mascara that ruins the rest of your makeup – because you more than likely won’t be wearing any. 
  3. Beautifully curled lashes without any effort from dawn to dusk. 
  4. Giving flat lashes a natural-looking curl to change up your look. 
  5. Cost effective solution to buying expensive mascara that promises to curl and lengthen your lashes. 
  6. Creates an eye-opening effect without the need for copious amounts of eye makeup. 
Other benefits A lash lift will typically last for eight weeks with proper care and maintenance. They don’t fall out like lash extensions do, and the treatment won’t make your lashes brittle. There’s also no glue involved, and no extra products that need to be used to keep the treatment in good condition.  After the eight weeks is up, you’ll find that your lashes will just gradually fall back to their original state. Your beauty and makeup routine won’t be disrupted at all, and you may find yourself spending money on less products, and using less of your usual makeup items when completing your morning routines.  Who needs eyelash curlers and expensive mascara when you can have a lash lift every couple of months? We hope you have found our Lash Lift salons and treatments section of the website useful and you have been able to secure a booking at your chosen location with a lash salon or mobile lash technician that will provide a first class experience.